Zeke’s Safari Watertown, TN 37184 (615)626-2366
Barbara Ann Santomauro Owner
Zeke’s Safari began in September, 2007. Zeke was my kitty, and on the eve of his death, I created my first piece of jewelry in his honor. A Memory Pin. This Pin travels with me to our shows, sitting on a small couch that holds my biz cards. Zeke would approve.😊 All Zeke’s designs are handcrafted and many designs take months to complete before they’re ready for the market. At Zeke’s, we repurpose/recycle many items to create our pieces. The Angel Pins, Artwork are all made from recycled/repurposed jewelry, unique items, from nature to practical items typically used with a practical purpose in mind. We hope you’ll find a piece for your home, self or as a gift.