PeggySue’s Handcrafted Quilts, Page 2
Library Quilt Full/Twin 72X80inches
Just about the most colorful quilt, this quilt is designed with pieces of material cut to represent books sitting on a shelf, hence the name Library Quilt. PeggySue’s designing skills are evident as each “book” lines up exactly next to each other. There are hundreds of books, with also a bit of whimsy on some of the “spines”. Backed in a soft beige, this quilt took hundreds of hours from design to completion, and will become a treasured heirloom for your family.
Red/White Diagonals Twin 78X68inches
For those of us who love a sense of order, and neatness, this quilt is for you! The exactness of the blocks as they are cut against the bias and trimmed so exactly helps us find peace and serenity. Extremely colorful, with a two-tone alternating border to the red cuts. The paisley pattern from the material is evident in the quilting design. The quilted pattern is accented with red threads for something extra special to the design.
Purple Diagonal Quilt Twin 68X68inches
This gorgeous Purple Diagonal Quilt has brilliant accent colors of blue, yellow, red and gray. It’s pattern is reminiscent of many Native American designs. The backing is black with gold threads/flowers. This quilt also works well as a table cloth for special occasions.
Ocean Waves Twin 70X72inches
The Ocean Wave Quilt will take you straight to the beach. Beautiful “waves” of blue are interspersed with luminescent turquoise, bright orange flowers, with a wave quilting style. The backing is dark blue with lighter stars, and the entire quilt is edged with a luminescent banner of cloth. Perfect for beach lovers, and tropical shores.
Pink/Polka Dot Twin 68X66
Bright pinks and red polka dots spaced by a brilliant turquoise make this quilt perfect for a girls bedroom, or a grandmother. It’s bright and cheery. The backing is a bright yellow with small gardening spades, making it also fitting for a gardener. The quilting swirls and resembles flowers growing. Also perfect as a table cloth to help herald in spring time.
The Table Runners
An exquisite array of Table Runners or Wall Hangings are also available by PeggySue. All are cut, pieced by hand with batting inside each, and a beautiful contrasting backing, quilted.
12 inches by 48 inches
Red/Black Diagonal Cut
18 inches by 50 inches
Butterfly Table Runner
16inches by 44 inches
16 inches by 44 inches
Blue Star Table Runner
22 inches by 52 inches
Colorful Squares Table Runner
38 inches by 40 inches
American Flag Table Runner/Wall Hanging
19 inches by 55 inches
Turquoise/Black&Pink Table Runner
18 inches by 46 inches
Gold & Blue Stars Table Runner
20 inches by 49 inches
Native American Style Table Runner/Wall Hanging
19 inches by 11 inches
Small Table Runner