PeggySue’s Handcrafted Quilts
Zeke’s Safari is delighted to bring you another choice to decorate your home, or to purchase as a cherished gift, Handcrafted Quilts, Table Cloths, and Runners by PeggySue Williamson. PeggySue has been designing and creating quilts for over 32 years. PeggySue is of Native American Heritage, and you will see her heritage evident in many of the designs. Each piece is hand cut, pinned together, and sewn. The material is 100% cotton, machine washable, and dryable on a medium setting. The quilts are soft & cuddly. They will keep you warm but are not overly uncomfortable/heavy. Each item is Reversable for twice the impact! Many of the quilts can also be used as a table decoration. They come to you vacuumed seal in a reusable bag. The quilts are all featured using a full size bed as an illustration. The Pillow Shams are not included with the quilts. They were purchased on Amazon. As with all the items offered by Zeke’s Safari, taxes and shipping/handling are included in the price. Please enjoy this truly unique collection.
The Quilts
Queen/King Quilt 88X98 inches
This Quilt has alternating rows of a soft brown, coupled with a contrasting lavender. Each row is separated by beige contrasting fabrics with a quilted leaf pattern accent. A soft floral pattern makes up the reverse side. It can be easily matched with quilted pillow shams. The shams in the photo are for illustrating purposes only, & not included.
Queen/King Quilt/Table Cloth 90X90 inches
A stunning statement quilt, this Star Quilt is beautifully balanced with contrasting fabrics and stitching. This quilt also works well as a table cloth for that special occasion. The edging along all sides of the quilt add extra sparkle and blend into the main pieces. The reverse side is a soft beige. The front if the quilt is edged with the black fabric matching the center design. The quilting stitches contain stars interspersed with the swirls.
The Texas Star Quilt Queen/King 92X94 inches
A truly stunning quilt, this quilt’s pattern is a Texas Star. Each “branch” of the star is cut using 28 separate pieces of material. The border is an exquisite replication of the colors used in the star. Notice the precision of each piece as they are stitched together. The backing is green with contrasting threads used in the quilting to create a unique and powerful contrast.
The Spider Quilt Queen/Full 94X80
This quilt is called the Spider Quilt. Embedded in the design are tiny black spiders which are embroidered by hand onto the quilt. The colors in this quilt are bright and happy, with an incredible 56 pieces going into each circle. The circles are surrounded by a yellow star. A very intricate piece to design and sew together. The backing is beige with the stars quilting pattern. This quilt would brighten any bedroom.
The Irish Chain Quilt Queen/King 80X90 inches
Called an “Irish Chain”, this quilt is designed using hundreds of small, colorful blocks sewed together. Each block is a. Small picture in itself. It is quilted using a circle design. The backing on this quilt is two-toned, with the variegated brown/gold on the sides, and the green gold in the middle. A quilt like this one takes months to design and put together, and shows the skill of the quilter.
Flowers& Arrow Quilt Queen/King 84X102inch
A gorgeous quilt, designed using arrows and contrasting flowers. The quilting is a swirl pattern with a beige backing. This quilt would ordinarily sell for $900 due to it’s size and complexity, but there is a tea stain on the backing side, so it has been deeply discounted. The stain will most likely come out in the wash, but rather than pre-wash the quilt, it has been discounted. This quilt presents a terrific opportunity to own a heirloom quilt.
Library Quilt Full/Twin 72X80inches
A truly amazing quilt, designed with pieces of colorful cloths to resemble books lined up on a bookshelf, hence the name, The Library Quilt. The detail is exquisite, with literally hundreds of colorful “books” lined up side by side, with a black border to resemble shelves. The border is equally stunning, made with emerald green with peacock feathers scattered throughout. PeggySue’s choice of fabric shows her incredible sense of style and brings whimsy to these “library shelves”. The backing is ivory, with a fleur de lis pattern and soft quilted bouquets. A truly astounding piece of work which would easily grace your home and become a treasure to pass through generations of family.
Red/White Diagonals Twin 78X68inches
Bright, red, white, and a paisley flower pattern bring this Diagonal Style quilt to life. The quilting swirls around the fabric to complement the tiny flowers. The stitching is red to further enhance the design. The backing is a luminescent ivory with red quilting. Truly a stunner!