Bride Doll - On canvas, larger size, 18X18 inches. Terrific shower gift for the special bride.
This cute little Mermaid Doll is resting in a painted sea shell. She is approximately 4X5 inches.
Apple Blossom Fairy Flower Doll
Fairy Flower Doll/Purple
Mermaid in SeaShell
Fairy Flower Doll in Orange/Yellow
Fairy Flower Doll/Mint
Fairy Flower Doll/Blue
Bride Doll
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Bride Doll on Canvas
Fairy Flower Doll in Blue
Mermaid Doll on Canvas
This Fairy Flower Doll sits upon a hand poured acrylic canvas. Her mat is hand painted in colors that coordinate with her flowing locks.
This Fairy Flower Doll is designed using soft yarns for her hair. She is mounted on a barn board frame that’s been white washed. A vintage hat pin blows in the breeze.
This Mermaid Doll is resting in her seashell at the waters edge. Actual shells and vintage jewelry complete the design.
The Fairy Flower Doll - a series of unique handcrafted dolls framed to decorate that special room in your home. Free Shipping via Priority Mail
This Fairy Flower Doll has flowing apple blossoms for her hair. Cute pansies adorn her skirt. A vintage hot air ballon rides in the background. She’s mounted on velvet, in a silver vintage frame.
Sleeping Mermaid Doll Painting/3Dimensional Art - this cute Mermaid is taking a rest in her sea shell. Her knees are tucked under her, and her “fins” are floating in the ocean. She rests in a sea shell. Her background is hand painted, 3Dimensional with actual sea shells. Her frame is 12X12 inches, in silver.
Designed in sweet blue flowers, with flowing soft locks, this Fairy Flower Doll is mounted on an hand poured acrylic block, with a hand painted mat in coordinating colors.
Sleeping Mermaid Doll
This sweet doll has flowing locks in brown & blues, with 2 silver birds for company. A bird nest with eggs nestled in her flower gown. She’s framed in a coordinating frame.
Mermaid Dolls - Handcrafted canvas, or sitting in her sea shell, these colorful dolls are sure to please. Free Shipping via USPS Priority Mail.
This Fairy Flower Doll is designed using crystal beads for her body, with contrasting lime green hair with silver highlights. A vintage matching butterfly accompanies her. Her frame is vintage silver with scrolls.