Autumn Wreaths
A soft beige Handwoven Wreath accented with beautiful autumn colored daisies. A sweet Welcome Fall sign, approximately 16X16
Designed using a dotted Swiss ribbon, this wreath has a bounty of colors and fruit. Approximately 20X22 inches.
Each year, Zeke designs an Autumn Wreath using an owl. This year, the sweet owl is sitting in her nest, surrounded by bright sunflowers and flowers. Natural elements are also part of the design.
Designed using a bronze pumpkin as the base, with neutrals and a pop of burgundy. Approximately 28X18 inches.
Thank you! This beautiful traditional colors of Autumn Wreath has found a home.😊
This wreath is designed using a handwoven pumpkin in a striking soft beige yarn, designed using a special Safari theme for a totally new look. Approximately 32X30 inches.
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Hello Fall! This wreath is hand woven in browns with touches of green, with a riot of berries and gourds. Approximately 28X22 inches.
Designed around the unusual blue truck, this wreath is overflowing with contrasting colors and a orange/blue bow. Approximately 24X16 inches
This Pumpkin Wreath is designed using tri-color mesh for the pumpkin body, with accents of artichoke, soft antique rose, and bright orange flowers.
This proud fella is just waiting to greet your guests to help you celebrate the season!
Autumn Wreath
Handwoven in soft white, centered with a velvet rose. Approximately 12X12.
This Autumn Wreath works well on your door or above your hearth. It’s oversized at 36X36 inches. Beautiful bows and flowers in shades of browns/oranges & soft beiges.
A very special Hand Woven Wreath, accented with a gorgeous hydrangea and soft tone leaves. Larger size, approximately 32X24 inches.
Questions? Ask Zeke.😊
The Thankful Wreath is designed in bronze, accented with gorgeous neutral daisies and pumpkins. Approximately 24X20
A very special wreath, designed using blues, highlighted with various colors of pumpkins and hydrangeas
Hello Fall Autumn Wreath
Thank you! This wreath has found a home.
Gorgeous double colored sunflowers and a trio of gourds, take this splatter screen wreath is ready to greet guests. A matching butterfly sits among the flowers.
Sample of all of nature’s pumpkins!
Pumpkins come in a variety of colors, including blue! This Autumn Pumpkin Wreath was hand woven using a soft blue yarn, with bright daisies and hydrangeas. It’s Thankful sign matches the bow.
Harvest Blessings Wreath
Designed using traditional Autumn colors, this Pumpkin Wreath is accented with a cabbage & various gourds. The sunflowers provide a pop of color.
Autumn Wreath